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Simply Breathe

"What's your damage?" He says suddenly after a few humps of silence. I can only blink at him and keep breathing. My damage? "Huh?" I manage to reply and he only chuckles, and I can't tell if it's a light or dark chuckle. Either way it leaves me unsettled. "Your damage, April." He says. "You're a really hard girl to find, you know that?" He muses lowly as if calculating something. "You've been looking for me?" I ask, almost a ragged whisper. He shakes his head lightly and leans back into the chair. "No, I've just been asking about you." He says casually, a barely there smirk adorning his lips. My breath thickens in my throat, but not for the wrong reasons. _ Our hero and heroine are both hiding from their pasts knowing very well that it will catch up to them. Together they will strive against all challenges and trails told in an intense, complicated tale.

Lu_Sweet_Corners ยท Teen
Not enough ratings