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The Red Words

When I was born my parents were given a paper full of my name, gender, creed, age, ethnicity, address, and my parents' names. In the bottom. There was a written sentence in bold, red that warned: " PLEASE DON'T LOSE THE PAPER" Those red words have taken their role in messing up my life. Four years later, I started to read and write simple things like my name and age. One day while my mom was preparing papers for traveling, she took the paper and put it on the bed. I said my name and she said correct, I wondered and I asked: " Mom what do the red words mean?" -The Red Words by Asala Riziq

Asala_Riziq · Teen
Not enough ratings

"Welcome to Neverland"

At the day of her mother's funeral, instead of being awakened in her room, Anne found herself in an unfamiliar black woodland. Remembering the event for the day, she looked around the place, only to be chased by a gigantic ravenous wolf to a cliff. Once she fell, she quickly thought that she had lost the creature, then instinctively found it staring at her intently, ready to launch an attack. The wolf then did not hesitate to run towards her and Anne silently prayed for her death. 3...2...1... nothing happened! When Anne opened her eyes, a figure was in front of her having a similar robe she was wearing, the person then slowly turned around and the man's empty visage gave Anne the creeps — its face covered with blackness with only its lips shown. The man was Toto, the guardian of the forestry. With a polite exchangement of words, Toto agreed to help Anne get home, however, Anne lost her memory and who knows where Toto would actually take Anne. "The Galaxies would fought its way to gave me a path to follow; and at the far end, I am very certain to see you. It's not just some random belief, but a conviction!" ------ When a suicidal fiction enthusiast dreamt about wonderland and unconsciously arrived in Neverland — Never the land she was longing for. What would become of her?

Azid_Fuentes · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings