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Night Of Vampire's

Night Of Vampire's

Since the beginning vampire's were made from the devil's blood, they're power is great. But there's a special breed of vampire's that can rival demons, sometimes even devil's. These are what are known as the Original vampires, vampire's that took more than enough Blood from Lucifer. Granting them power beyond belief that is held at their disposal. Luke Nightfell met a strange woman in a alley on his way home from school, little did he know the woman was a vampire. Not only a vampire, one of the original vampire's, in her dying moment's of being staked in the heart by over hundreds of them she passed the gift onto him, inflicting him with vampirism from an original. The world has been split into a feud, vampire Vs Hunters. An ultimate war that'll change everything, Luke will have to become powerful. To lead, to Win, or even die.

Sub_Zero_3546 · Martial Arts
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