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Summoning the Queen of Hell

Summoning the Queen of Hell

From the moment of birth she had been groomed for a position she never wanted, her future laid in a dark path before her. She was everything her father had ever wanted expected of her, a cruel unforgiving demoness capable of the truest acts of evil. However in a change of events she decides to take a break from the throne; escaping to earth when a foolish young man initiated a contract with a lesser demon, appearing in place. After all a humans life goes by in the blink of an eye to a demon, what did she have to worry about? Will she make his life a living hell or maybe our young man can show her a little humanity and teach her a thing or two. Who knows what can happen when you summon the Queen of Hell? (My novel can also be found on RoyalRoad!)

Sitri · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings