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Impossible Love Connection

This book is about a girl who is an ordinary person suffering from a certain mental condition. Some parts in the story are taken from real-life accounts. Not that she's crazy or anything but something which many people go through. This story also features a very well-known celebrity from Korea who is the main lead in this story. Names are all going to be given by me so it's pure fictional and doesn't belong to anyone. Contains a detailed past of the female lead. Disclaimer: This story will contain strong language, Self-Harm, Crime, Hate, fluff, and some scenes which are not suitable for people below 18. "Sometimes you need to cross boundaries to love someone with all you're might."

TheAnimeWriter · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Y/n lives in a town full of humans, with no supernatural beings... or so she thought. When she uncovers a secret about her very own friends, what will she do? Is an anonymous person handing her the information? Did you fall in love with someone you shouldn't have? Will you get kidnapped and if so, will you be able to survive? Could the anonymous person practically help you? Find out by reading this novel!

Savagekingtaehyun · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings