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Maio, Rosanna, Dorotheo, Stella Hidalgo, Daniel, Jaime Cuenco

WARNING! Rated 18, MATURE CONTENT Tourist Beware Horrible Experiences awaits you from the Islands of the Philippines. 1. Barang - A gruesome story of how a babaylan brutally killed their enemies using an evil dark practice. 2. Nagkagutay gutay at Luray luray - A friend's invitation to their province which turned out to be a ghoulish nightmare. 3. Panganib sa Kagubatan ng Lihulan - A tale of finding way to escape the brutalities of the Japanese and hardships during the war. What is the easiest way to escape death? 4. Alindog ng Dalaga - Stella is trying to move on due to her parent's divorce and her mom found a way to forget the tragic incident in their family. She brought her a comfy antique bed. But later on the bed revealed to have a mysterious power that affects the life of Stella and her family. A slave of never ending lust and pleasures that would lead to lost of innocent lives. 5. Anting Anting ng Demonyo - A story of horny college men who found a strange Talisman which grants all of their sexual pleasures but in a certain amount of price. 6. Gayuma ng Aluhino - Demonic presence and Fiends would be encountered if a human being drank a wrong amount of the potion. But how can one resist to drink an extra serving of the concoction if it gives a pleasurable experience?

Clei_Garcia · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings