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The Mark of the Demon King

The Mark of the Demon King

In a world of magic and unknowable power there are many races, the Val'cons to the north in the icy lands of Vi'halo. The El'tar in the west to the Lands of Ni'ghoul exiled from the realm of man long ago by Vixen Vermillion forced to live in the barren and unfroginveing realm of Darkness Lastly the Elven Folk held up in the city of Riverwall away from the realm of man and the Vermillion Region. But one race long gone has returned a Demonborn, one bearing the mark of the Demon King War will come to the realms, who will bring it The Court of Nine and King Ender Vermillion with his lust for power. The El'tar who seek redpeion for a stain left by a long gone El'tar Or the Elven Folk who seek knowladge of the coming End Times and will stop at knowing to obtain what they seek, .

Brandongould94 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings