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Into the Hellfire

Into the Hellfire

This novel revolves around an ordinary girl named Sylvia Abyss. On her 18th birthday the entire world crumbled under the nature of mass destruction . Every one died including her. When she woke up from her long slumber she finds herself in a beautiful yet scary looking cage. The kind too beautiful to hypnotise. Unaware of the fact that she is dead, she looks around to search for her parents but it was too dark for her to see things clearly. All of a sudden she hears a deafening sound "Tip tip tap Tip tip tap" . What awaits her next? Will she be the same when she learns the truth? What extraordinary adventures will she discover? Stay Tuned to find out... ps: Cover Picture Doesn't belong to me. I have only edited it.

Stardust_Lyrics · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings