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It was the doom of humanity that made the demon lord Akeenu happy to see despair and fear in humans he hated. Below, right under his claws was the said "chosen hero" that will bring peace to the chaotic rampage of the most cruel and war loving king. The hope that the humans cultivated was easily defeated and thus bathing in its on blood. It was then, right after the war a feast was ordered to the victorious race which made everyone excited to see a huge loot of lively livestocks waiting for them to be harvested but deep within Demon Lord Akeenu he seems unhappy. There's a shallow empty space that keeping him from celebrating. His instincts was really good that he predicted the very crisis he is about to face. Deep in his thoughts, a little girl brought to her that not long after made a miracle upon himself. Will the Demon Lord Akeenu triumph in victory during the start of his reign till he finds it boring or a tragedy will approach him that will bring him to another light?

Twelfth_Moon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings