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God-Level Sect System

God-Level Sect System

A man named John transmigrated to another world with a God-Level Sect System. Powers?? 2 types of powerhouse Cultivators? They cultivate from the body to godhood Variants? 3 types: Continuous, Divergent, and Special Sect? Indestructible and floating in the clouds. Resources? I have all kinds of that. Wait! Disciples? They all have a top-grade place and resources from the sect and system shop. Flying sect and invisible. Where did you see that? Of course, it is invisible. I did not see it. I know it because I read God-Level Sect System. Join John in the adventure and discover the secrets together. ________________________________________________________________ Minimum of 500 and Maximum of 1000+ words per chapter. If there are any questions regarding 'Battle ranks' 'Talent aptitude' 'Currency' and, etc. Please read the ''Auxiliary Chapter 000'' Thank You. ________________________________________________________________ ---DISCLAIMER--- -Any terms, words, skills, forms, items, and physiques in the story that you can see in the Anime or others like movies are not from me. It is from its perspective or credits the owners. I don't own any ideas, terms, words and, etc. Credits to the owners. ________________________________________________________________ Hello, I am a beginner author. Please say what is good and bad about this novel and I will try my best to improve it. I'm sorry if there is an error in grammar. Thank You. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

Jesus_Rafael_Roxas · Fantasy
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