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Demon King is Actually Just a KID

Demon King is Actually Just a KID

Cerbon City is the only surviving city of the demon's invasion thousands of years ago. In this city every talented younger generation is educated in an academy that teaches magic and fighting ability. Chyrma Academy, every families 13-year-old child would be sent here to learn magic and martial arts, so they can become help for city. A thousand years of peace isn't without fear and pressure. Although the protections put up by 'Young Heroes' were very strong at that time, they did not know when the demons would strike, especially the '72 Generals of Satan' under the command of the Demon King. However, everyday life in the city remains as busy as ever. A 13-year-old found himself caught in a big dilemma, many people say his potential strength is very weak like trash. Until the day of the reception ceremony, everyone was struck by the results of his talent test because no one had ever expected anything from the kid.... Regular Update : 1 chapters/ week Support here: http://ko-fi.com/rinryuzaki Hope my novel get a few review and more power stones before increasing my update rate with 3-5/week.

RyuzakiRIN ยท Fantasy
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