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Faith In Love

Faith In Love

Greg hates Ade because of the arrangement he believes Ade asked to her parents. And since both of their family were close to each other, Greg's parents didn't object to what Ade's family want to happen. It will also benefit their company if the two get married. He became cold and distant to Ade, their friendship never get back to what it used to be before. Greg grew interest on his college batchmate, Rian. They started dating a year after they graduate and became officially together also after a year of courtship. Greg truly loves Rian but at the same time he also wants to show Adelaide that they can't never be together, to hurt her intentionally. Then an accident happen. A ship where Rian was one of the passengers, sank on the ocean. Greg was devastated after knowing what happened to his lover, it leads to their company's bankruptcy. The only way to save their company from losing is to marry Ade. Greg agreed to follow what his parents want so they could relive their dying company. On the day of their wedding Greg assured Ade of one thing, he will never love her the way she wanted.

esgee_ · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings