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Lunar Eclipse.

The Aelius bloodline, a special lineage of the vampire hunter society that carried the element of the sun. They were feared, but also adored, because of their element, a power that could easily have brought complete annihilation upon the vampires. Long ago, they disappeared from the face of the earth, and they had never been seen since. Their existence became naught but a legend. On one dark night in her castle, Michelle encountered an intruder. She knew not who he was, only that he was a hunter after her life. Or so she thought, until he surrendered and promptly proceeded to beg her to let him live in the castle. And so began the nine months that would change Michelle's life. A vampire romance that has so little actually vampire-like activities that it could very easily have been written without the vampire part, but was written with the vampire part anyways. Cover art by yuebing Instagram: @moonxcakeii

Knonexistence ยท Teen
Not enough ratings