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Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure

Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure

After a routine planet-fall on an Earth-like planet near the farthest recorded reaches of the frontier, a group of United Federation of Earth colonists looking for a new home has stumbled into a planet that is described as a "Fantasy World". Complete with dwarf, elfs, dragons, orcs, monsters and shockingly other humans, a brave Special Action Squad code-named 'Stryder Group' must survive in this new world with their guns, wits, genre savviness and a few good cans of Spaghetti sauce. A story inspired by Modern World meets with Fantasy World (like Gate, the Accident and Stargate) (Now a Webnovel Semi-Exclusive! Always 2 Chapters ahead of every other releases in Wattpadd and Spacebattles Forums. Catch the latest chapters here in Webnovel now!)

Hackata_48 · Fantasy
The American Bravery

The American Bravery

Twin Peaks meets The Justice League. We explore characters after a horrific tragedy of New Maximus City. Dead heroes equal dead ideals. The world is threatened not by a cataclysm, not by war, nor an invasion but the attack on the idea of gods. Someone has killed a hero and they plan to kill again. The most powerful super heroes known as The American Bravery are challenged by a new villain powerful enough to escape omniscience, and to kill a giant superhero single-handedly. Their wills will be tested beyond reckoning, and no one is safe. Not even the protectors of our brave world.

Belzwester · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings