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The Male Lead's Childhood Friend

The Male Lead's Childhood Friend

I have love one man since I was a young girl. I promised myself that I would be the one to be his wife that will live with him to the end of our days. But I never thought thar I would die young. The man I have ever loved, my childhood friend fell in love with a woman he just met in college. With my wealth and power and my rival just an ordinary woman, I tried to steal him back. But all is for naught, because the man that I loved shunned me out because of the bad thing I have done to his one true love. "Starting now I don't want to ever see you again!" His words had broken my heart. I was heart broken and planned to take escape to another country and bury my love for him. How could I have known that I would die in a plane crash that day. "Have a safe flight... to the afterlife hahaha!!!" The voice of the woman that stole my love from me said on the phone. And then things turns for the worse. Manu things came rushing inside my mind while the plane was falling from the sky at a fast speed. "How I wish that I have lived my life differently. I would have done any means possible to avoid this outcome. I should have lived my life more differently." Regret washed over me and then I felt my body go numb all over. The surroundings became dark. It was like I was floating in the center of nothingness. "Do you regret everything you have done?" A male voice said. "Yes." I whispered a reply. "Would you like another chance to live and live your life more differently?" The voice asked. "I would do everything to have another chance to live my life. I will definitely choose a different path." I answered. "Then I will grant your wish." The male voice said. "But once you go back, you need to do things for me as payment for bringing you back." And so I opened my eyes once more. I was alive again and has gone back to the past. "This time I will do things differently." I promised myself. Who ever that voice came, I am grateful to him. And so I have a restart of my life. And one day a beautiful man with black hair and crimson eyes came before me. "Who are you?" I asked with a serious look. "Have you forgotten me already." The man smirked. "I have given you a second chance and now I am here to collect payment. You have to do the tasks I give you." And so my rebirth and second chance of life started and my life debt has to be repaid.

Les01 · Contemporary Romance
REDEMPTION: The Devil's Daughter

REDEMPTION: The Devil's Daughter

"Grand Father doesn't care about these beings. Why do you think he left it? He doesn't even care about us and left us so why do you fight for them? He left us to suffer for eternity and left everything behind not bothering to even tell his sons and daughters where he was going to or even a WHY!!. All that power and YOU THINK IT WOULDN'T GET TO HIS HEAD! Wake up, Little Devil. This is reality!" --------- Cinderella has a happy ever after Snow White lives with her Prince Charming happily Sleeping beauty was no longer a piece of static art. But then you wake up and you realize that fantasy and reality don't mix. 'Today everything was fine and dandy and when you close your eyes, the drums of war start to beat. Chaos spreading like wildfire and blood washing the earth tide after tide. Endless pain and torment and you ask yourself, "What's going on?".' Cinderella's life was taken by the evil witch Snow White's Charming was a cheat and a sham Who knows how many times sleeping beauty was f**ked in her sleep by that pervy " Prince Charming" after the kisses didn't work! Reality is a cruel place to be as Videl wakes up to a brand new world. All kinds of evil and misconceptions fling themselves unreservedly around the planet. Wherever they pass chaos follows. The creator vanished and left the fate of his creation to themselves. The Darkness and Vile beings subdued by the creator returned to wreak havoc amongst his greatest masterpiece. -------- What did all this have to do with her? Who was she and why was she here? What was wrong with this world? This wasn't the reality she knew! This was a nightmare? -------- Charged with the fate of the thirteen realms and the plane of darkness, what would she do? Save them as her mother would have done, or let them destroy themselves destroy them. -------- Overpowered and shameless Videl searches the universe for answers. Join me explore the world of immeasurable imagination

TittyLord · Fantasy Romance
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