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SIDAPA Hiwaga Chronicles

SIDAPA Hiwaga Chronicles

The Gods and Godesses of the Old had long ended their reign and now appoints souls to be the new masters of their domain. These appointments might happen in a hundred years or so but most often than not, the deities reign in their cold throne for eternity. Calista Andres wakes up in a mysterious small boat traveling a vast river. By her side was a mysterious person who was silently reading a book. She asks for his name, which the man replied with a sly smile on his face. The man introduced himself as a god of death and declared her as his "katabang" or soul slave. With no memory of how she got there and with no idea what her job implies, Calista accepts the role after being abused by the death god. Now, with her new role and power as a "katabang", she is determined to know how she got killed while being the slave to a powerful god. Only time will tell if she can get her vengeance to her killer. This novel has a new link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/sidapa_18253887505906505 Please go to this link for its continuation. Thanks!

MoeJam90 ยท Fantasy Romance