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Deaf Love

Deaf Love

MC: What are you doing? * Look at the hand which is touching his butt* ML: N-nothing! MC: Nothing? Then take off your hand, pervert! * MC pinch the hand away* ML: =( ̄□ ̄;)⇒ MCBestFriend: You know...he would have let you continue, if you told him the truth? ML: seriously?(-_-)ノシ *ML look at MC* MCBestFriend: I Am, MC come here give me a hug (≧▽≦) *MC happily give a hug to his best friend.* ML: (* ̄□ ̄*;, MC let me eat you!!! MC: I am not on the menu! * MC left thinking ML might be a cannibal tasting the water before jumping in* ML: (ಥ﹏ಥ) MCBestFriend: Your sexual frustration is so entertaining. *Leave while laughing outloud* Yan Yu Ling is finally gonna go to school even with his special condition, it didn't matter he would still go. Xi Fēng is finally gonna go to the best university in the country, S University, where he will find the only thing he will never be able to look away from. AN: a summary is not my thing.

Tovar_FBL · LGBT+
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