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Brightest Doom

Vincent Doom fell into the rabbit hole that is the DC Universe.

BigToFu · Sci-fi


if i write a synopsis it will spoil most of everything so if you want to read go ahead. and if you have any ideas comment below.

Sitouo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

darkness in universe

Multiverse is almost infinite. the history and people are different but the difference is small until a catastrophic event changes everything. portals to different worlds, metahumans, mutants return of magic these events can creates new timelines that are different but the difference can be minimum but when more than one event happen in on universe not only the events are different but the universe tries to fix everything by creating and destroying new people. English is not my first language so sorry if there is any problems (the world is connected to DC Mortal Kombat and TMNT but the connection is not everything)

ali_soltani · Fantasy
Not enough ratings