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Fiction Flashes

A collection of my writings. Content: 1. My Sinful Salvation ~To all the addictions we once had. 2. What Broke Us Apart? ~To all the reasons creating distances in our relationships. 3. To Be One Of Them ~To all those who wished to be just like one of them. 4. One and Only ~To all those who find themselves no longer the one and only. 5. A Cloud Of Expectation ~To all the fantasies we expect. 6. Worthy Mistakes ~To all the mistakes we once thought were worth it. 7. Curse Of Love ~To all the heartbreaking love stories. 8. Sweet Fate ~To the sweet destiny of our lives. 9. The Darkest Light ~To all the darkest hopes we harbour. 10. A Friend Indeed ~A friend not in need, a friend indeed. 11. Blooms Of Love ~To finding the right one. 12. So Lonely I Am ~To all the loneliness we harbour in our heart step by step. 13. The Last One

sourandsweet_lemon · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

waaaaaiiittt whhhhhhaaaatttt!!

let's hear it, pethetic is the name of the game... I think ;)

Micheal_Meyers · Fantasy
Not enough ratings