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The Price Of Ultimate Power

The Price Of Ultimate Power

Note: This is going to be similar to Bread System and Universe acquires a body. It's brain vomit, just try to enjoy. Like the other two, releases will be slow asf. My main novel, PM, that's in writing(very slow updates, I get mental blocks because of all my Ideas) will still be updated. Note 2: This story will be stream of thought at all times, so simple power descriptions, and similar power levels you all will be familiar with, if not, it'll be very simple. Don't forget a ton of gaping plotholes, but remember it's stream of thought so there is guranteed to be inconsistencies. Enjoy my brain vomit. Talik, a young man who's age is forgotten wakes up in another world after accepting ultimate power from an unknown entity. The world he ended up in is a dog eat dog world of cultivation. One whom cannot cultivate and is labelled trash, one whom weilds the ultimate power with death constantly at his heels. One whom devours, integrates, lives in darkness, bloodlust, and bouts of insanity. Will he survive the price of ultimate power? With his instability, in a world where power is gained through control and repeated meditation? A world in which his power cannot be contained, even by the entity that bestowed(cursed) him with? Watch as a nightmare is released upon those whom aim for the peak, the ultimate predator will rise from the shadows.

HeavenShakingPalm9 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings