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Machina Vult

Ash Veisi spent his life fighting the enemies of a country he did not even particularly like and serving leaders he thought were borderline retarded, but home was home. Much to his surprise after he died of old age he found he had a significant amount of karmic virtue and was offered a transmigration or reincarnation on his terms. Being contradictory he decides on being reincarnated as an artificial intelligence during the Dark Ages. Were there many robots then??? Join him first on his quest to survive and later build up the world starting from the dark ages. *Note: This is my first attempt at a novel so it is probably terrible, feel free to tell me so. Expect amateur mistakes and general mediocrity.*

SpiraSpira · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings



FarrenBexley · Fantasi
Not enough ratings

The Vampires of Repleti

A famine has plagued the land of Repleti. With the failure of the Lord to care for his people, they turn to another to survive. **I have some ideas that could turn this story into an actual story and not a very short, short story. But that will take a while so until then, here you go**

Apollosmuse · Fantasy
Not enough ratings