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Dark magus second life

Dark magus second life

When he was born Prometheus had all the keys in his hands to become a protagonist, why not even a hero. He was smart, talented and his family was powerful. But all that changed soon enough. His family was slaughtered, Prometheus grew up poor, and even his talent for magic failed to develop. Prometheus was betrayed, his honour was trampled upon, and he had to flee his homeland. Prometheus understood that the straight path would never bring him anything, that the kingdom was corrupt and that to make a place for himself in this world blood had to be shed. Even Prometheus did not gain his place in his world, he was not recognized for his true worth, and he died killed by his best friend Troene, nicknamed the hero of the people. But sometimes destiny is capricious, and Prometheus comes back to life. Did the gods take pity on him? Will his quest for vengeance come to an end? Or is Prometheus part of a greater plan? Follow Prometheus on his quest for vengeance and truth. ————— If you are looking for a harem story, with hero invincible this story is not for you. Also if you're looking for a story where hero has no feelings and villains only think with their cocks this story is also not for you. I'm not trying to write a cliché-filled story that will please everyone, but if you haven't left after reading all of this it means that you're looking for the same thing I am and that this story is for you.

maelbarach · Fantasy
Not enough ratings