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Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow

Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow

The sudden urge to pee overcame me and I told the driver to stop the car,Daddy declined "No dear,I've told you we aren't staying here a minute longer, it's too dangerous." I kept quiet and after a few minutes and I felt my bladder would burst,I threatened to jump out of the car and Daddy told the driver to stop the car, reluctantly. I opened the door of the car with my huge wedding gown trailing behind me and ran out with no exact direction but little did I know that God wanted to save me that day. When I was few metres away,it happened. I heard something like a gun shot and suddenly the two cars which held my parents, husband and parents in law erupted in flames. The force of the explosion threw me across a pillar and my head banged against the pillar. "Mum,Dad,Liam please don't leave me..........." I said and blacked out. Harlequin finds herself in a new world with no memory of her past. How can this fourteen year old orphaned and widowed girl with memory loss survive a strange new world with mafias, secrets and assassins after her life. Can she ever find out who killed her parents and husband? Dimitri,a cold,ruthless CEO and the heir to the Russian Mafia seems to be her only hope but can he be her saviour or her bringer of death. What happens when she finds out Dimitri's father is the cause of the death of her husband and parents. Find out in this interesting and suspense filled story of adventure, action,hot steamy romance and teenage moments.

Bademosi_Catherine · Contemporary Romance
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