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Scooby Show

Hello to you dear readers. I'm here to present my fanfiction series "Scooby Show"! Indeed, this series is a brand-new series that I created by myself by creating a whole new origin story as well as a reboot of some classic episodes added to completely new episodes. Because I don't have what to make an animated series, I have decided to show you this series thanks to a fanfiction. But you can imagine that the characters look like in the movie Scoob when they were kids. I hope you enjoy this new version of Scooby-Doo and with that, I hope you enjoy reading it. P.S. No need to wonder when the next episodes will be released because I haven't planned a date yet, so I haven't planned to release an episode on a specific day per week. The episodes will be released when I finish them and when I'm happy enough to publish it. And yes, I will add character from the movie later like Muttley and Dastardly

Ragnorok · Teen
Not enough ratings

I can see the star

"We had a plan to be astronauts you know? See the stars, we even dreamt of touching one, I feel it's wrong to dream of the stars without her. Without her I am nothing.I can't anymore, Ajax" Daphne simmers hadn't seen the stars in years, the constellation she was taught and the blinking lights that appeared at night had gone. She was scared, scared to deal with the loss of everything she ever loved, cared for and wished to see. Daphne simmers was alone. Her stars all came back with the help of Ajax king who showed her that life was meant to be lived and not just to exist. To be loved and not something less.

Hadassahonyeobi · Teen
Not enough ratings

Harry Potter: The Child Prodigy(Dropped)

For some reason I created a novel instead of a fanfic so I'm not going to be updating on this one. Anyways if you want to read my fanfic go on the other one.

Avatar_Ong · Fantasy
Not enough ratings