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Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress

>>>Mature Content !!! Read at your Own Risk... too much killing. Too much love could kill a person. For Andromeda, love could indeed kill her—if not physically, then mentally. It shattered her heart and soul when Zachary left her on that cold day. Can love kill you twice? When they meet again for a twisted arranged marriage, she knows she should never fall again. But here she goes… falling for him slowly. *** For Zachary, love could bring everyone into life. However, his soul is dead after he left her cold and broken. He broke her wings. Zachary loves her dearly that he's willing to let her go so she won't get hurt and so she could fly and find someone who would protect her well. He gave her up, so she could find someone that would fulfill the duty of protecting her more than he could. His love for her is too much that could give him life but somehow, that love makes him torture himself every day. Now, it seemed like destiny brings them together and this time he will do everything for her. Even his life is at cost. P.S. I Don't Own The Book Cover Join the server: https://discord.gg/gpgZdMN

TheIllusionist · Contemporary Romance

The Mafia Game ( Hired Gun )

Eighteen years old, Ava Smith Kriezer, is on the hunt for the people responsible for her parent's tragic incident that happened years ago. She is one of the young skilled fighters known in the dim, hidden, empty lots and streets of gang wars and street fights. One unfortunate night, she didn't have the choice to fight, and she decided to stay defenseless. That night, when she thought she stepped inside death's door... she opened her eyes to learn that she is the granddaughter of a multibillionaire old man that she have never seen nor heard before. Despite being unsure and curious about how possible her situation turned into, she ran away and stayed determined in her ultimate goal! ..., but every time she gets closer, and gets a lead, one of her grandfather's men, Shyn Lee, is always in the picture... helping her. Could he be the knight in shining armor to save her from her broken world? ... or the one who will shatter it more? (Parental guidance is recommended and that the novel may be unsuitable for younger children.) Image used in the cover page is @kumaqiii 's property

ayen_zone · Teen

Unpredictable Lovers

They can be pretty but they can be dangerous as poison ivy. Going to war was their speciality, making you dead isn’t hard for them and being the dangerous (evil) and powerful gang in the underworld in Country B. Leaving all the men’s who admired them, drooling. They were powerful on their own but when they join together they are even more powerful than before. Betrayal weren’t anything new to them when in high school. There were three famous boys who are admired by all the girls and the boys were from a rich background. Zhu Chongjin, Lin Huang, Zhou Ling. They were young and naive accepting the playboys confession after 4 months of dating they all caught their “boyfriends” cheating with three girls. They were hugging each other and without even talking they broke up with their boyfriends and without the playboys knowing they were from 3 top families in Country X. Rong Le was the Military Chef of Country X and CEO of Li Zi International and her mother’s Company Kim Su Company. Her life was busy and no time to find love but she did find love once in high school. A playboy was playing her heart and it was Zhu Chongjin. Gu Xi Ning was a Military Chief of Country X with Rong Le and Song Qiuyue. Broken-hearted (not) by her ex boyfriend and making her a new person as the CEO of Gu Wei Entertainment. Song Qiuyue was broken-hearted but she didn’t care for the trash she dated and became the famous fashion designer and owning the well known brand Deluxe Jade. The Song’s, Li’s and the Gu’s were all friends and CEO of their family Company and their family was friends for two generations. Now they were more powerful and famous than the three playboys. They were the three beautiful women and Li Rong Le’s was Korean and her father was Chinese and Gu Xi Ning’s Mother was Caucasian and her father was Chinese and Song Qiuyue’s Mother was American and her father was Chinese. When they go out, men’s will go crazy when they see Li Rong Le,Gu Xi Ning and Song Qiuyue and was the most beautiful and powerful that Li Rong Le was #1 on 100 most beautiful faces in 2019 and Gu Xi Ning was #2 on the 100 most beautiful faces in 2019 and Song Qiuyue was #3 the 100 most beautiful faces in 2019. And #1 on the chart the most powerful and rich women’s in Country X. Leaving all the women’s in city x, like a sponge on the bathroom floor. While in Country S, three men were admiring the three women on tv. They were Xi Mo Yuan, a CEO and was powerful and respected by all people in City S and the other was Han Jiangxi a CEO of Han Yu Company and the last one was Shen Ming a well respected General and CEO in city S. There were 3 top families in city X and was Li’s,Gu’s,and Song’s. And 3 top families in city S and was Xi’s, Han’s, and Shen’s. They all met during a meeting and after the meeting, the women’s beauty and strong aura had the men’s in smiles and grinning while the women’s had straight cold and aloof faces on.

ColdWQ · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Vicious Heiress!!!

rutuhaste · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Don't EVEN Think This

Set the door down with distrust on the crust of the world - it is thin

Shnav_3105 · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings