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Qarly Meets Syre

Qarly Meets Syre

Qarly Renue is an aspiring actress. One day, she met Syre Dane the guy who swept off her feet. Will meeting Syre make Qarly change her mind to be an actress? And who is this co-aspiring actor that meddles with her like there's no tomorrow? Find out soon. SleepingDreamer's note: Hey my Sleepies! (tawag ko sa aking supporters and readers kung may magbasa nito), anyway, this is my next story after or during "Eternal Infatuation." I was really in a nervous yet happy state when I first got the idea to begin another story here a Webnovel. It isn't difficult to create new stories, it's the process that gives me tension yet fulfillment when I update them. So, due to my curiosity and pessimism, I thought about this story. It will focus on Qarly and Syre. They already exist way before I thought about them having their own story. I first introduced them at my Wattpad acc. Maybe someday I will tell you my pen name there at Watty, so whenever you get curious about them or what happened to them in their future life, you may read them. The title of the watty story is, "The Dream." Tagalog siya and may english rin. Taglish. Ganun rin itong story. Hahahaha!

SleepingDreamer · Contemporary Romance
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