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She's Beautiful// MICHAENG

Sharon Myoui. Everybody says she already have everything. A luxurious house, wealthy family, prettiness, witty, a good boy friend, a clique. But what happens when one day every thing will turn upside down? What if one day she woke up and everything she's used to, changed? What if she meet someone who'll change her life? What should she choose? "Sometimes you need to let them go for them to see what you truly value." "Money can't buy happiness 'cause if it is, then why am I still lonely?" They complete each other. The Perfect Match.

ThatKPOPfan · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Not a Robot

It all started when Sana thought Tzuyu’s a robot (Ongoing, published on Wattpad)

Lost_Pengu · LGBT+
Not enough ratings