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The Dagger's Reign

***BASED ON MY NIGHTMARE*** A new law has passed the world, where swearing is a crime... The people who swear get stabbed in the throat with a dagger, or sometimes, killed in many other brutal ways. A few friends, who'd never seen the light of day, and are very used to swearing, are threatened to be killed by the Lady-In-Power. This... Is the story of their survival...

DareDevilDee · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

The Double-Edged Dagger (Tagalog-English)

He fires the gun, with a blindfold covering his eyes. She leads herself, though she doesn't know where's the road. They play with death, with a dagger in their hands. Copyrighted (C) 2015 by NJ_Geminae

NJ_Geminae · Teen
Not enough ratings