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Ignored Innocent Heart

Ignored Innocent Heart

Hana Asfand, a beautiful, young and innocent girl of 18 years old, is the daughter of Asfand Shah. She is a hopeless romantic that belongs to an old-fashioned family. All of her cousins are older than her and they do not like her. Even her brothers don't like her. This cute and innocent girl has spent all her childhood in isolation and loneliness because of everyone's ignorance. The only people that love her dearly are her parents, Hiba Asfand and Asfand Shah. This innocent soul has an unconscious crush on her oldest cousin, Rayaan Shah, the son of her first Taya (Father's older brother). Rayaan Shah, a very observant and calm businessman of 28 years old, is the oldest from all of his cousins. After spending all of his teenage years in America for business studies and family business, he comes back to Pakistan to settle the business as well as to settle down. He is a very religious person and also wants his life partner to be a pious woman. He unconsciously notices his youngest cousin that is despised by all the other family members. But Rayaan notices that all the things that he wants for his other half to have, are in his youngest cousin. Let's see how they overcome their age-gap and pursue their feelings in a very halal way. You are in for a beautiful ride of innocent love. This story is about a beautiful and innocent love that develops very slowly and develops into a very strong bond. Enter this beautiful ride of love with lots of typical family drama and cuteness of the main female lead. Join us to know how Hana is going to overcome everyone's ignorance and hate into acceptance and love.

Cliche_lover ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings