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My Possessive Lover ❤️

My Possessive Lover ❤️

*** YOUR COMMENTS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED *** she who loved CEO stories hated when these stupid female protagonist tries to run away from male lead turning them into yandere ....... " aah, stupid who told you to comment back to him...??" " Hmph, you deserve it, being stubborn will lead you to your downfall...!!!" "omg, male lead choose me not this stupid female lead who is sneaking away from you~~~" maybe god listened to her prayers and she found herself in super possessive CEO romance novel ' My Possessive Lover '. ~~ after 19th round of play ~~ male lead : where do you think you are going baby girl? our MC : god please help me.... ........ other books : 1) CEO daddy loves cute baby ❤️ 2) when life is darker than black.

Prachishukla04 · Contemporary Romance