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❤️ CEO daddy loves cute baby ❤️

❤️ CEO daddy loves cute baby ❤️

Author of " My Possessive Lover ❤️" *** YOUR COMMENTS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED *** Prem was sitting inside a well known restaurant with his old friends waiting for their food, when one of them started blabbering about his wealth, "I have money , bungalows" other said, "I have bank balance , gold" other said, " I have my old mother." and everyone laughed because they were copying famous dialogue of 90's movie. when everyone looked at Prem with look, 'what are you going to say now!?' our MC smugly said, " I have a overprotective daughter!!!" ...... this story is about pure love between father and daughter. about single parent Prem and his cute little daughter Riya. also this story takes place in India. I hope you will support me.

Prachishukla04 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings