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Entertainment Queen System

Entertainment Queen System

〚Ding! System fully installed~ Hello Host. I am System Number 086 also known as the Entertainment Queen System.〛 Wu Fei is a shut-in second generation young miss. Ever since she turned eighteen, the young woman stayed in her bedroom playing games and watching shows. Fast forward to two years, now 20, Wu Fei shocked her family and friends by suddenly appearing in an entertainment program. From a shut-in who relied on her family's care and support, can she rise up and dominate the entertainment circle?! Wu Fei: "System, can this little student go back home? I don't want to come here ah." System 086: "Request processing. Ding! Request denied. Reminding host that failure to complete this task will lead to extermination!" Wu Fei: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ "@$$%#!!" I want to go home and play games!!!

TenShi27 · Contemporary Romance
Getting reborn with 7 wishes.

Getting reborn with 7 wishes.

Elizabeth dies due to the scme of her elder sister,but instead of dying she got sent into the void,and after getting 7 wishes granted,she went back to 10 years before,but the story doesn't end there as she and her husband,along with their twins will travel to different anime worlds.

rosemoon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings