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Coolest hubby's little braid!!!

Coolest hubby's little braid!!!

"Hubby.. Hubby.. "a little girl around 5 years call out the boy eating next to her. "what" the boy coldly replied. he told her to not call hime that about a million time but she never listen. he doesn't know what to do. he was always helpless with her. "what is this"the girl asked while giving him a heart shaped card. while looking his 9 years old young handsome face darken "who give you this" "the new boy in the camp" "stay away from him" "why" "just do as i said or i won't let you again sleep in my room" "o..okay " ............. this is a beautiful story about two childhood sweet heart who betrothed from her birth. its not just a sweet story but their struggle to graw up in the cruel world from young age. the story of phoenix and dragon. .............. "hubby. why not we just destroy them" "not now," "hubby your so kind and merciful " the young man turn his head from her a evil yet charming smile appeared on his face "kind.. tst.. don't you clearly know how i shaw 'kind' to my enemy. huh. " he looked at his assistant "i dont want to hear about their company. take a whole weak to do that. let them enjoy now. like i said not now.. but soon. " "hubby you are so cool" the assistant lip twitched while looking at his boss fiancée "

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