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The Lovely Baby’s Arrival: CEO Daddy is on the Way

The Lovely Baby’s Arrival: CEO Daddy is on the Way

A great fire burned away the entirety of Shen Mange’s love for Ye Nanxian. Five years later, she made a dazzling comeback, determined to bring justice for her younger self. Yet they never thought that the cute little boy she bought back with her would be craftier than her. The precious child stood before Ye Nanxian innocently spoke, “Uncle, can you do me a favor? Please.” Ye Nanxian felt that he was incapable of withstanding this child’s pleading, so he crouched down- intending to help, but he couldn’t imagine he would be sneezed on instead. One day, Ye Nanxian told the cute little boy, “Little rascal, this is my room!” “But I want to sleep with mommy, we’ve been sleeping together for five years already.” A husband’s tears… He was supposed to just bring his wife back home, so why is it that his son is being so difficult?

Mushroom143 · Contemporary Romance
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