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Cursed Soul (Vol. 1)

WARNING: This story is the book version of my W.I.P. (Work In Progress) comic with same name, Cursed Soul. THESE ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO OWN THIS CHARACTERS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION but you can ship them, do fanart or fanfic about them, or even create an AU! Don't be afraid of using your imagination, I'd love to see things like that. ;) This story is about a girl named Melody finds her alternative-self Andrew from another dimension. Turns out her altternate-self is an AU jumper and after a week, Melody has a curse on her. They try to find where this curse came from and try to stop it from making danger for themselves. This is the story of the Cursed Soul.

Unknown_Sketcher ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings