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Marriage Affairs: Mysterious Family Line.

Marriage Affairs: Mysterious Family Line.

MAMFL is an original novel written by me, I hope you all enjoy it. Chan Juan is the rebuked illegitimate of the Guo family, all her life was a picture perfect of the word "unlucky". She was forced to get married into the mysterious Shao Family, in her stepsister's place, Guo Daiyu; Who was believed to had gotten kidnapped three days to her wedding, and so as to save her father's company from bankruptcy. Was she really unlucky getting married to the most famous and talented clay artist from all of X City? Which she found somewhat mysterious, along side the family. Shao Jinhai, the first and only son of the Shao Family, and the heir to the Shao Conglomerate, one of the biggest and most influential business cooperation in China, was so uptight about love, he was second to none to being antisocial. Not being supportive of the marriage due the dark curse looming around the Shao Family, which was not in anyway breakable. Will some entanglement happen between the two amateur Lovers? Will there be a possible remedy to the curse? What will become Chan Juan's fate afterwards? Will she be afflicted with the curse? What will happen after Guo Daiyu's return?... So many questions... This is a suspense, horror and romance packed novel, with an iddy-biddy touch of sexual contents to spice up your reading. Hey there, Okay Author here, ◉‿◉ I'm a young and aspiring, novice writer, this is my second book though. Still finding a way to exit the cocoon first, so you might find pretty much or little mistakes to start with. You can politely point them out wherever. (•‿•) Warm love. Note: This is a slow pace novel, it will take some time for the ML and FL to crochet some feelings. I don't own the cover photo, all rights reserved to the original artist.

_Love_Illusionist · Contemporary Romance