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Level Up Or Face The Brutal Death

Level Up Or Face The Brutal Death

A wicked and greedy hunter who intentionally triggered the broken morgue in search of treasure, he was cursed by the aura of death, being the high level hunter he was given a chance to cast this curse onto someone else and save himself, he disguised himself in an old woman and stopped a youth walking on the street. To be college student and getting good grades is not enough if you cannot hunt monsters. Ding* “I am your host, you have choice whether to level up or face brutal death in front of your younger brother" “What, why and why in front of younger brother, how do you know him and who the hell are you" the youth was forced to drag through the portal and enter in unknown world. Author _Sha Story: Original Updates: 2/daily Discord Link: https://discord.gg/U6CHayC

_Sha · Magical Realism