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A Young Seeker's Journey

A Young Seeker's Journey

A boy awoke in the middle of a small plain surrounded on all sides by forest. He had a few fragmented pieces of knowledge and a unique Gacha system. His name was Matthew, and he awoke in the world of Geavergnis. A land filled with many strange powers and odd beings, filled to the brim with constant conflict. In this land, kingdoms fall every day by hordes, empires rise overnight, titans can live for an eternity, and gods can fall in mere instants. In this world, Matthew finds his life, his purpose, and his power. In this world, he writes his tale into the tomes of eternity. This is the haphazard tale of a boy who wanders through an unfathomably large world gaining power through his gift and his encounters as he seeks discovery, not only of the world but of himself. (Inspired by but not copied from 'The Arcane Emperor', 'Otaku Card System', 'Eternal Mana', and a game called 'Caravan Stories')

Z_Story · Fantasy
Not enough ratings