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The Dystopia In My Mirror

I have always been interested by antiques, so much so that I buy them no matter the cost even if I have to go into debt. An addiction? Perhaps. Folly? No of course not...well, at least until I bought THAT mirror. It drew me in with its ancient splendor and odd runes that no one could understand...drew me in...literally. Falling into the mirror and out the other side...oh, what would I find? -----

GodOfWriting · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

The Tellers (My story devouring system)

He always read books and novels, he read everything that he could get his hands on, uninterested in modern life. Why? Cause modern life was nothing like those stories, he wasn't the protagonist nor the antagonist, he didn't have a power that made him stand out, he couldn't protect and provide for his family and his story was low tier garbage. Stories currently ruled the world and granting powers to many and "Tellers" stood on top of this world, however he didn't have a useful story. He came from an an average family, an average home with an average life. He isn’t from a tragic background nor is he from a beautiful beginning. Honestly he felt like an extra. He wandered through countless libraries and bookstores in search for more stories for something to spark anything in his life until... “Come give me your stories, let me consume your stories to sate my hunger and If you are worthy you shall be given my power” Well well well something interesting just appeared...

kinorhyt · Fantasy
Not enough ratings