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I tamed the Most Evil Emperor

I tamed the Most Evil Emperor

The young woman Ling Ai that lives at the poorest rural area in Raven country meets the Most Evil Emperor at the doorstep of her house. She didn't revere him at all because of the emperor's haughtiness and he looks at her with disdain. All she thought was like what did she do? Ling Ai was the only person in the country who stood her ground and didn't kowtow at all at the presence of the Most Evil Emperor at her doorstep. "What was that 'Evil Monster' doing here?" It was the first time that someone didn't tremble in fear at the presence of the Most Evil Emperor. Because of this, the Emperor that was about to cast Heavenly arts land destruction to what he found as 'filthy place' full of destitute people, stopped as he was stunned that someone in Raven country didn't acknowledge his presence and even stood tall in front of him. The Most Evil Emperor was amused and said, "I'll be around these filthy areas for 10 days. Don't worry I won't destroy it. But, I'll give you 10 days to hide yourself or run as far as you can. Do anything you want. As long as I don't get to see you. This place will not be destroyed for the next 10 years." Suddenly, he vanished in the shadows after the warning he told to Ling Ai. What journey awaits her? Is it devastation of the place where she lives or death at the corner of her life? Or will she finally level her way up in cultivation to be the Strongest Martial Artist? Was their meeting what we call destiny? Endeavor the story of the young woman who stood tall at the presence of the Most Evil Emperor! ¶THIS STORY IS ESPECIALLY COMPATIBLE FOR WOMEN AND REAL MEN. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE THEN FIND OUT BY INDULGING YOURSELF TO THIS YOUNG LADY'S ROMANTIC ADVENTURE STORY.¶ (Liked it so far? +Add to library.) Story by: Xenovraise Cover art: Xenovraise Editor: Xenovraise ©Xuanhuan novel contest piece

Xenovraise · Eastern Fantasy
The Greatest Immortal

The Greatest Immortal

The Cultivator realm has gone into chaos. The Liu family has been attacked. The heir to the Liu family, only 2 years old has been sent to the mortal realm, so the dynasty of the royal family continues. Raised in a Monk Orphange li Qiang sets off to live his life to the fullest but stumbles upon an unknown power.

Sound_Soul · Fantasy
Not enough ratings