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Taming The Coldhearted CEO (Serviano Series # 1)

Taming The Coldhearted CEO (Serviano Series # 1)

He is a powerful CEO. He is one of the gods in the field of business. No one dares to come on his way. Everyone was terrified because of his cold aura. He doesn't care about anyone. He hates failures and hates love. He has a cold heart. He was intelligent and powerful. He hates everything. Will someone tame his attitude? Will someone love him? Will someone love the devil inside him? Or will he forever be the beast that everyone fears? Will he give up everything for the woman he loves? Or will she choose to be heartless? She is an independent woman. She hates fame and fortune. She hates arrogance and heartless people. She was a lady with a lot of love. She grew up with a family that has wealth. She cares about everyone. She work hard for her own money. She hates lies. She hates everything about fame and inheritance. Will she hate his own attitude? Will she accept him from his past? Will she be able to sacrifice everything for him? Will she gain something? Or will she live in hell? Will she be able to tame him? Or will she give up on her love for him? @shinpiluvs Language: Taglish/English

Shinpiluvs · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings