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Black String

Black String

"Can you escape from the shackles of fate?" Sheens of iridescent diamond of blue, white, yellow and rose floods light downwards, lighting up an elegant mansion where a 17-year-old teenager named Shelly lives. Under the authority and care of her Aunt who took her in after both parents had left for their work outside the state, the girl was pampered and was given everything she needs. But Shelly is a stubborn kid and has tried escaping the mansion for 2 years but no to avail. The thing was, why would she want to leave such a magnificent mansion? Carpets made of silk fibers, chandelier made of sparkling diamonds, furniture carved with sophisticated designs, a king-size and queen-side bed for her, many different rooms for entertainment, except for an old and creaky basement, and unseen people serving her. That's right, there are specters in the place, they move things, they clean every nook and cranny, they serve her food. If Shelly's a fan of supernatural phenomenons, she won't really mind, but that was not the case here! Determined to figure out the secrets of the place, the 17-year old protagonist aims to unlock the mystery of the mansion, her own Aunt and the specters that made her life both better and worse. Read Shelly's journey along with a sprinkle of romance~x

SilverPsycho · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings