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His Battered Wife

Can you fall for someone you've never met? That is the question that always plays in Coleen Enriquez's mind. Because she met a guy online and she never met that guy. He's Raizen Brian Evangelista. Until she had the opportunity to talk with Raizen through playing--8 ball pool. They talk, they play, they smile, they laugh, they stalk each other even though she knows that Raizen is taken. She's always talking and playing with him even though she exactly knew that Raizen is taken. Until, she fell inlove with the guy she met online. She knew that her feelings was true even though she never met him. But then, Raizen and his friends transfered to her school. She saw him. That moment, she knew that she really has feelings for the guy she's playing with. She's inlove with Raizen Evangelista. Destiny was truly playful. Because their parents wants them to get married. What will happen now? Will he accept her as his wife? Can she wait for the love that she wants to get from Raizen? Is she going to stay because of love? Or Is she going to leave because of pain? - MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKING ON WATTPAD #1 - arrangedmarriage

Marj_Ramos ยท Teen
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