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I Will Not Become Your Slave!!

Participant of WFP 27- Female Lead - System Cybelle is the ruthless C.E.O of a small entertainment company that is on a rise. She is a very talented person as she was able to save the company at the edge of bankruptcy and bring back incomes by bounds and leaps!!! But, she doesn't want to stop there! Cybelle wants more!!! She wants to dominate her rival on her way to the top of the food chain!! But, Cybelle's company is like a mouse compared to a dragon when trying to fight her rival. But, the light of hope appears when a system comes at her with a contract and two choices. " In exchange for your wish, I will eat the human's desire that you collect! Now, Choose!!! M or S??" Cybelle smiles evilly as she stares at the ball of light in front of her. "I will choose M!! I will become the master and my servant, Seraphina Stones, will be my servant!!!" "...... stupid " The system mumbled. "Did you say something?" "Nothing!! Ehem!! Anyway, you are now bound to the system 69, You choose the role of Masochist, and your Sadist target is Seraphina Stones. This contract cannot be cancelled, refusing to do the task will receive the punishment of the system". " Happy cooperation!" "Huh?" "Huuuh!!??" "Huuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!???" ......... And that's how Cybelle is left to seduce the stone-faced President Seraphina, her rival!

Whtyereign ยท LGBT+
Not enough ratings