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System: World's Infinity

System: World's Infinity

Leonard Lu, a 21 years old Asian Male. He is a shut-in loser in life who is addicted to playing games, reading light novels, manga/manhua/ and manwha 16 hours a day, 7 days a week since he was Freshman in HighSchool. Everything changed one day when he was having a cup of instant noodle for lunch while going through a sketchy forum he founded on the internet which hosted by a person who names himself “God”. The forum was for discussing the topic: “What would happen if you threw a certain loser in life into a fantasy world?” Weirdly enough Leonard himself was the only guest that was on the forum- and he also had a habit of wanting to be the first one to reply. He promptly replies with a sentence to “GoD”: “Many possibilities- the loser will either die because of his incompetence or thrive if he’s lucky- depends if he has one of those cliche cheats or not, an example would be a cheat system.” Instantly “God” himself reply to him: “Then what would happen if I throw you into that situation? With a cheat system of course.” Leonard then replies absentmindedly: “I will become a god who would act on all my desires.” “God”’s response is: “I wish you luck then, mortal.” Before he could process the meaning behind those weird last words, Leonard chokes on the instant noodle that he was eating, then dies alone, in his room. (A/N: there are grammar mistakes, you have been warned. Just cross your fingers that Grammarly(Free Version) actually fixed it. This is a fanfiction that’s crossed with anime and games. (by that I mean world hopping) Along with my own original world.) ---READ THE AUXILIARY 003--- You've been warned- *poof

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Nura Uchiha: The Sword Demon

Nura Uchiha: The Sword Demon

Live as a young master of an in decline Assasin clan in Japan, Nura had been idling all day long watching anime as the only way to cut down stress. One day he got a request from the UN to join the war in Iraq, war is cruel even kids were used as a weapon. Sacrifice his life Nura determine to rescues the kid from harm, his action moves the god of reincarnation and rewards him with reincarnation and three wishes.

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