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Mayhem of The Killer queen

Mayhem of The Killer queen

She live her life according to the clan elders. She never asked questions or fight for their decision. Everyone said she was a goddess and godsend miracle woman to her clan. Her eulogy was full of compliments and praised for all her good deeds and over the top achievement. Never did they know that her heart is so dark, darker than ink. Her only wish is destruction. She doesn't bear any grudge or hate on her clan. She felt that she will have her chances to do what she truly wants, and she wait patiently. Lurking in the dark like a phantom. Finally, she got her chances and she will live her life as per her wish. Recreate again her path. Blackening her soul? When her heart and soul already pitch black? disclaimer : book cover are taken from the internet, kindly inform me if it needed to be taken down. For those who willing to be my proof readers cums editor, just let me know. You will be my reader in advance with all the unedited chapters I send to you.

DarkLordMisty · Realistic Fiction
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