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Queen of the Crows

Queen of the Crows

Merle likes to eat people, she loves to consume the still warm flesh of humans, eating hearts (quite literally) of anyone who'll fall for her charm. so when one of her meals-to-be went terribly wrong, Merle is the one bleeding out to death on her dining room floor, instead of the other way around. She dies of course, but as she always says 'if I want to eat you, I will devour you eventually' and she's not wrong. She'll be back to devour that boy who fucked her up with her own kitchen knife, with the help of a dark god, who offers her a way back to the world of the living... with a price of course. [17+ ONLY] [M/F] [DARK THEMES] [BLOOD, GORE, VIOLENCE, DEATH, CANNIBALISM] [DARK FANTASY / DARK ROMANCE]

DeadStitches · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings