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Reincarnated into anime world

Reincarnated into anime world

I devoted myself in studying I devoted myself in my job for the sake of my future I devoted myself for a better and brighter future But because of that aspiration, I died without even experiencing a wholesome life. What is the point of sacrificing everything, when in the end, nothing good ever happens to you? Unexpectedly, I've been given a second life inside the body of a boy named " Fuutarou Uesugi" And with this second chance given to me, this time, I'll make sure to enjoy it to my fullest extent This is a light hearted novel, mainly focusing on romance building up. No supernatural or magic. This is my first time writing something like this so bear with me. ---------------------------- Warning: * I do not own the Characters of this Novel * I'm not satisfied by the original story of this Anime, so I wrote this novel to fill out my desires. Might differ from OC totally *All credits go to original writers and authors. If they want this novel down I will gladly do so *I only upload once every Sunday Night, GMT+8 or SGT night time.

spirits_everywhere · Anime & Comics
Collision War

Collision War

"4 worlds collide but none know who is an friend or who is foe."

BobaCat · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings