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They Came and Conquered

They Came and Conquered

Hi everyone! :D Story is under rebooting. I've been writing this by winging it with outlines of the chapter by chapter. I figured if I did an outline first, I could expand this into a long and better story. :D so I now have a full story from start to end, :D I'm excited to start posting again soonest! The earth is slowly being taken over by magic and monsters. Clark manages to gain powers in the new chaotic world as an increasing number of people are also starting to ride the waves of chaos. Clark just wants to survive and earn a living with his small group but they get entangled in the power struggle where everyone with the strength is fighting to take advantage of the weakened world powers and take control. Enter the fray, enter the new world! -- Thank you so much for being here! Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment!

Ruark_Vallen · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings