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Ballad of the Corrupted

Ballad of the Corrupted

It's everywhere It's nowhere You can't see it You can't hear it But it's there Inside you, inside me Something that no one can tap into It yearns to be released For decades, people have practiced meditation Praying Fasting Sacrificing But they just can't find it As we move forward in our lives Something stirs beneath our realm Beside it In front of it Around it Not of our knowledge Not of our world Unrest is caused in their ranks Their world, their universe as they know it It's collapsing Walls are folding in The sky in falling down Flames go up All hope for their kind has been lost… But wait There's one more option: The Three Dimensional World They have space They have consciousness They have life “So let's go there” A few lucky folk from Yewedek’e Āwiropilani (የወደቀ አውሮፕላን) Are transfused into our plane of reality No idea what's to come Hope still remains All of the Valeksni kind rests in these few They are now matter in space No form No shape Just matter Like an out-of-body experience A planet pops into view It's blue It's green It's humongous “Yes” “This is the one” And as such The Valeksni arrive on earth Well, in earth, technically The inhabitants of this planet are so… hopeless They talk about killing themselves like it's a joke The talk of murdering their brethren is humorous The lesser are left in rotting conditions The many rarely have a good shelter and sustainable life The few are in elevated mansions, governing their own kin like slaves What has happened to this planet? The Allfather is alerted of the ramshackled world “We need to save them from each other” “Before they destroy their own lives” “They need to be taught of greater ways” “I trust that you, my children” “Can show them something greater.” Their roots are implanted The conquest begins Our only hope? A young woman with a hidden key to an ancient weapon as old as our sun. And she doesn't even know it. META: this actually takes place from the pov of four to five different characters, but I put a female lead because she's one of them (and the most important).

Fimbulthulur · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings